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Ways to Get Involved at KI

As a new student at KI it can be difficult to meet new people, therefore getting involved with numerous committees and organizations at school could be very helpful. Furthermore it will enable you to get the most out of your experience at KI. There are two KI campuses, one in Solna and one in Huddinge. Most of Medicinska Föreningen’s activities are arranged in Solna since this is where the student association’s building is located. This is where all the proms, gasques and popular Friday Pubs take place. Here are a few of the prominent organizations and societies that you might be interested in joining.

The international committee organizes several different activities throughout the year that enables both Swedish and international students to interact with one another. Some of these events, organized by Global Friends, include; a tour of Stockholm, international dinners in which students bring food from their own culture, as well as Language @ KI which is a language program in which international students learn Swedish by the help of Swedish students at KI. E-mail: [email protected]

Programutskottet (PrU) organizes all the wild parties and pubs! As well as traditional big events like the “Luciabalen” and the “Amphioxgasquen”. There are smaller parties as well such as Oktoberfest, movie nights, etc. Every Friday from 4pm to 10pm you can come over to the Pub Night in the basement of MF. There you can have a beer with your friends to start the weekend or just chill out after classes. Do you want to know more about PrU? Would you like to test your skills as bartender on Friday nights? Don’t hesitate to ask! E-mail: [email protected]

Business Committee (Näringslivsutskottet – NU) handles Medicinska Föreningen’s contact and collaboration with the life sciences companies and organizations. NU aims to widen the career opportunities and promote collaboration between the students and the life sciences sector. As a member of the Business Committee you’ll widen your network, gain lots of experience, and develop your personal and social skills, that will aid you in the development of your future career. But most importantly, it is about meeting people from all over the world, getting friends and having lots of fun! E-mail: [email protected]

The administration committee (Förvaltningsutskottet – FU) takes care about Medicinska Föreningens infrastructure. The committee is responsible for renting of the students union house and Solvik, the economy of the student union, member registration, communication and MF’s employees. FU has several subgroups who take care about specific subjects; Computer committee – takes care of the IT infrastructure Librarian – takes care of MF’s library Sports cabin committee – responsible for Solvik, MF’s summerhouse Lights and sounds group – responsible for light and sound infrastructure in the union house Tomb keeper – responsible for MF’s tomb Archivist – responsible MF’s archive E-mail: [email protected]

Corpus Karrolina is Medicinska Föreningen’s male acting society. The main character of the show is always an influential/strong/funny woman with a story interpreting a historical event, written in rhyme and gilt with song and dance. On stage there are only men, but most of them like to act as women. Behind the acting troupe is the backbone of Corpus Karrolina, dedicated groups of members creating the decor, the costumes, the makeup, the choreography, the musical arrangements, the band, the food and the parties! For more information visit

Flix is Medicinska Föreningen’s female skit sorority. Each fall the sorority produces a humoristic and highly interactive skit that is composed of different songs and dance routines. However, during the springtime, Flix joins forces with Corpus Karrolina and helps in the creation of costumes, scenery, music, fika and sound/ lights. You can also see Flix performing at the different gasques and parties that are held at the school throughout the year. For more information visit

Committees and organizations – People singing

Blåslaget is the student orchestra of Medicinska föreningen, and Dragplåstret is the show dance group of Blåslaget. Blåslaget is a wind-orchestra and their repertoire ranges from Strauss to Lady Gaga. Blåslaget and Dragplåstret perform at most of the great parties taking place at KI, as well as openings and welcoming ceremonies for new KI students. Email: [email protected]

Stroket is a forum for KI students who play string instruments, who want to meet new people and make wonderful music together. They perform at various ceremonies and parties at KI and also arrange our own chamber music concerts on a regular basis. For more information visit

Queerolinska is a student organised LGBTQ association at KI. Their goal is to engage in different issues that affect the quality of the education and the university environment, as well as to organize social activities such as pubs and movie nights on a regular basis. E-mail: [email protected]

The Equal treatment committee ensures fairness in education and Medicinska Föreningen, in terms of gender equality, age, disability, ethnic, cultural and religious diversity, and sexual choice. The Equal treatment committee has the aim that everyone should be treated equally. Every human being has certain preconceptions and certain prejudices. However, to be aware of this is the first step. They want everyone to feel welcome and safe at KI. Everyone should be respected as they are and every student should be able to be seen and heard. E-mail: [email protected]

Written by: Mina Saleem & Camille Wilhelmi
This article was previously published in: Medicor 2016 #3


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