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Cultivation theory: How media shapes our worldview

Something nice and sweet trends on social media… a commenter types – “faith in humanity restored”. Many others rush to like the comment. Something tragic takes place, many people die… the onlookers read the news and sigh “what has this world come to…” Many others react by changing their social media profile picture. Story by: Zach Chia The Cultivation Theory, ...

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Snus: The holy grail of tobacco consumption

Story By; Saket Millind Nigam The ‘Swedish Experience’ (noun): An observation that switching smokers to snus may be an effective harm reduction approach With the music thumping and speakers well on their way to a rattling, self-destructive end, I fought my way through the crowds of a posh Östermalm club. My cousin and his friends – too cool to dance ...

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Exercise in a pill: A distant dream or the near future?

Story By; Yildiz Kelahmetoglu & Ben Libberton Exercised muscle will help eliminate substances that can accumulate in the brain under stress or pathological conditions and can be toxic to your brain – Associate Professor Jorge Ruas It’s the future and it’s time to work out. You’re not going to a gym of course. Such barbaric practices have been banned for ...

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Karolina Wallenborg: “It’s especially rewarding to help researchers with their projects”

Karolina a facility manager in SciLifeLab was interviewed as part of Humans of KI series

Having completed a systems biology post-doc in the US, Seattle, Karolina appreciates the accepting working environment in Sweden. “I think here at KI everyone’s opinion matters. There is more hierarchy in the US, so if you are somewhere up on the ladder, your opinions matter more.” In addition, she admires seeing students and professors intermingling and having the possibility to ...

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“Except for my work, I have one big passion which is…”

Björn Kull, Head of KI Grants Office

As head of the Grants Office at KI, Björn is involved in the contact between researchers and funders. “The researcher usually wants money to conduct his or her research, but the funder wants something else. We are here to help so in the end, we get the results that were expected from both sides.” Next to this, Björn is also ...

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