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The Glasgow effect: the power of vulnerability

Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland – the cultural hub of the country. Emerging from the 20th century, and characterised by heavy industry, the city now also hosts an exciting music, arts and nightlife scene, drawing from its rich and deep-rooted traditions. But the city has a darker side – a mystery that has plagued epidemiologists for a number of years. ...

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From footnote to headline: A yellow fever outbreak.

Out of sight, out of mind. That’s the painful lesson yellow fever has taught us. Story by: Devy Elling In December 2015, a case of yellow fever in Luanda, Angola was detected. This was the first case that birthed a full blown outbreak in Angola and its neighbouring countries. Distant countries like China have also reported cases of yellow fever ...

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Part 3 of 3. Just about anything can happen.

Story by: Elin Doyle On the side of a valley in North-Eastern Nepal, just south of Mount Everest, lies a small rural community hospital. The surrounds of the hospital are adorned by scattered settlements and terrace cultivation. In the 1960s, a former surgeon in the Scottish army started a health project here, perhaps it was the mountainous ranges that reminded ...

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Part 2 of 3. No, we probably don’t see this in Sweden

Story by: Elin Doyle Universal health care is helpful in ensuring a minimum level of health treatment for all. In 2008, the Nepali Government implemented a “Free Health Program”, which provides free essential health care services at all health posts nationwide. This is provided to all citizens, irrespective of their economic status. Furthermore, 38 essential drugs (such as paracetamol and ...

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The future of our genome

‘As the days seep their light, and we are drawn from the swell of summer, I often come to think of things. Like walking across sand, the ground beneath us feels at times so uncertain. We shift. In our careers, in our social relations, in the places we call home. Yet we place certainty in the knowledge that our lives ...

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