Queerolinska survey

Do you feel safe and respected at the university? Are you feeling represented during your courses, and can you be open about yourself? Do you think your classmates or colleagues are as well?

By Mati Krawiec

During the fall of 2015 Queerolinska carried out an online survey with questions focused on the general feeling of safety and inclusiveness at our university. Our goal was to compare the answers and responses from the Queer group (non-heterosexual and/or non-cis gendered) to the ones of the non-Queer group. Some of the results with negative implications seemed surprising to us, considering Sweden’s stand on LGBTQ rights and KI’s work towards an equal environment, and for this reason we would like to share them with the rest of students and staff at MF and KI.

We invite you all to take a look at a presentation with a summary of the collected responses from our survey. Access by opening:


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