Medicinska Föreningen Union House is planned to get renovated and a fundraiser is in place
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The Union House – Time for renovation

Nobels väg 10 has been the home of Medicinska Föreningen (MF) for over 60 years. Over the years we at MF have grown quite fond of the house, especially since the addition of our Aula in 1985. Since then, our union house has taken a lot of wear and tear when hosting students and guests, including Nobel laureates and royalty. As joyful as these events have been, they have taken a toll on the building and it is now time for a restoration.
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The Union House Foundation (KHS), which owns the union house in which the whole of MF resides, decided a few years ago to start a renovation project. It has slowly been picking up speed and kicked off last year with alumni mingle, attended by former students from as long as 50 years ago. The project has continued into 2017, and when KI gave us a fantastic present on our 140-year anniversary – a 7 million SEK contribution – it was time to step up. This August, we hired Anna Eklöf as the project leader for the restoration. Anna has a history here at MF, where she was the vice president between 2010 and 2012 and has now returned to help us steer this project in the right direction. With an invaluable combination of charisma, energy and professionality she is ideally suited for the task ahead.

With Anna at the head of the project, things are going to start moving forward. The first step is to raise the money. To do this, Anna will lead a fundraising campaign, supported by MF, KI and world-leading fundraising consultants. The second step will be the construction of the future union house. Once complete, the union house will be transformed; it will be more versatile, with more study places and more suited to students’ needs. If you are curious about the restoration, you may check out the MF bathrooms in 2018, as they will be first to go through the makeover.

MF Union house gets renovated
Anna Eklöf, by Fredrik Hagström

Now, Anna will not be able to do it all herself. And neither should she. What is a student union house, if not a house by and for the students? All union bodies of MF – the board, the different sections and committees – will be involved in some way, but if you are personally interested in becoming an integral part of the makeover of the century, this is your chance. The project is built on two main workgroups: one for fundraising, and one for construction. Each of these is made up of experienced professionals, former MF presidents and of course, the students of today. If you want to make a difference and try something new, do not hesitate to contact us or Anna.

To read more about the project or how to get involved, check out our website,, which also recently went through a makeover, or email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

Together, let’s build a union house that will last at least 60 more years.


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*Published in print in Medicor 2017#3

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