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Are you interested in being involved with Medicor?

There are two ways to do so:

Be a Contributor:

And more!

What can I contribute?

One can never go wrong with the classics: articles, photography, art, comics, puzzles, brainteasers, and quizzes have long had a place in Medicor.

That being said, Medicor is always open to new ideas, so please reach out to us if you have something fun and innovative you’d like to share!

What’s the process like?

It depends on your submission! You are welcome to send us pieces or contributions you’ve completed, and the Medicor team will work with you to determine how to proceed.

If you have a tentative idea, email or message us on our social media to get in touch. This way, we can provide support and feedback as you build and polish your piece.


To have your submission be a part of the June 2022 issue, you need to have your piece completed by April 2022 for our editors!

You can contribute to the website anytime – no deadlines. Unless you’re writing a time-sensitive piece of course. For example, we probably won’t publish a Halloween themed article in January.

Be a part of the team

Want to be part of the team? Fill out our application form before the 4th of February.

The positions currently open are…

  • Editors

The team of editors are responsible for editing content for the magazine and maintaining a weekly publishing schedule on the Medicor website. The role involves recruiting writers, editing articles, and learning to navigate the WordPress website. You’ll attend meeting with the rest of the Medicor team to plan and brainstorm content!

Key skills ideal for this role would be an eye for detail and good command of the English language.

  • Magazine Designer

The Magazine Designers are responsible for the look and feel of the magazine. You’ll be using a programme like Adobe InDesign or Affinity Publisher a lot, and pulling together images, graphic elements, and text into a cohesive yet unique product ready for printing. To get a feel for the type of design we do, check out our most recent issue. While previous work in design is not a strict requirement, we highly encourage you to send us a sample of your previous work.

  • Marketing

The marketing team plays a crucial role in promoting the mission of Medicor. The marketing team is responsible for reaching out and establishing relationships with companies, while maintaining current contact. The role involves creating collaborations with prospects.

  • Web Designer

Elevating Medicor’s website to make it feel more modern and user-friendly is the Web Designer’s main goal. Being able to navigate WordPress, GDPR guidelines, different templates, etc. are all useful skills for this role. However, coming in with a knack for technology and figuring it out along the way is also a great asset!

Note: to become Editor-in-chief, keep an eye out for the MF elections in Oct/Nov! The role of the new editor-in-chief begins in January and lasts for one year.

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