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What Makes A Scientist

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek and the lenses that changed our view of the world

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek and the lenses that changed our view of the world By Caitrin Crudden Scientists do science. Artists make art. Writers write. Right? You cannot get scientific credit without the long slog through a lengthy education, and dodging the daily struggles of academia. Or can you? What happens when contributions come from an “outsider”? What makes a scientist? ...

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Introduction to Swedish Literature

11 Swedish literary treasures you must read this winter

Joanne Bakker It is said that the best way to get to know a country is to read its literature. Actually, that is not a saying yet, but it should be one! Because what can be more informative than what a nation’s finest have put in print? When asked what Swedish books they know, many people will probably only come ...

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Global Mental Health

The convergence of a historic conflict would hopefully lead to developments By Ronan McCabe The cliché of globalisation has harkened to the dawn of a new age in Global Health. Once restricted to the area of infectious, or communicable, diseases other areas of affliction have since come to the fore. One of the most recent and underrepresented is that of ...

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Hans Rosling on Why We Should Care About Global Health

By Gustaf Drevin MY FIRST MEETING WITH PROFESSOR Hans Rosling included a nervous handshake and a stuttering “You are such a source of inspiration.” He answered by reflex: “Well, I hope someday I become a source of knowledge.” I walked away, silenced. Embarrassed. Ashamed even. I had become a groupie. He does not desire a rock-star status. He is a ...

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Medicor 2017 Kick-off & Brainstorm

Medicor started the year full of energy, enthusiasm and creativity. Join us for our kick-off event and cross out another New Year resolution from your list! Fill in the registration form either below or by clicking here and prepare yourself for a fun kick-off to the new season. Don’t just think about it, come and tell your story!   Loading…

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Swedish Christmas Crash Course

By Helena Honkaniemi The holidays are right around the corner, and though some of you may be well aware of what that entails, not everyone is familiar with Swedish Christmas traditions. For those who are new to the country, and wish to experience this holiday to the fullest, consider this a crash course and quick guide on Swedish winter holidays. PREPARATIONS ...

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Just say no to procrastination

Should you be working right now instead of reading this?   Dear Procrastinator. This is for you. By Jessica de Loma Olson Tick tock. Tick tock. Yes, your clock is ticking and once again you have lost 30 minutes of your precious final hours to a series of pointless cat videos. Your deadline is fast approaching and you are blaming ...

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Nanotechnology in medicine

How can this multifunctional technique improve quality of life? By Eveline Shevin “It is so exciting that I want to use all my time effectively to be able to contribute, life is so short!” says young Maria Strømme, professor in Nanotechnology at Uppsala University in Sweden. She wants to revolutionize the world with her new discovery – and join the ...

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HeLa: The cells that changed the world

By Caitrin Crudden Becoming accustomed to science textbooks can lead us into the false idea that scientific discoveries are very ordered and neatly progressive events, yet the truth, which is often left to one side, is the very human nature of scientific discovery and progress. Most science accomplishments or milestones are really a rich story of human desire, dedication, collaboration ...

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The Inner Critic

Can neuroscience explain our relationship with art? By Euan Mackay   Miracle Science It seems there’s nothing neuroscience can’t do. Promoted as a panacea, neuroscience has been tipped as the future of understanding the human condition. We live in the era of fMRI, where it is possible to investigate brain activity in response to external stimuli. As such, researchers increasingly ...

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