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The Buzzing Killer

We know the cause and cure of malaria. Why do we still have it around? By Devy Elling Challenges that arise from diseases that emerge amongst the poorest in the population are yet to be understood. For many of these diseases, cures and vaccines have already been developed, and are ready for commercial markets. However, many life-threatening and endemic diseases ...

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Mindfulness Through Meditation and Breathing

Bear yourself in mind for a better (or potentially worse) life By Halima Hassan   Nobel Laureate, Professor Elizabeth Blackburn, suggests that in order to lengthen your cellular lifespan, and thus your life, you should consider adopting the practice of mindfulness. In several scientific studies, it has been observed that this activity can help those suffering from depression and anxiety ...

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Is there a violent extremist profile?

What research suggests about individuals who turn to extremist violence. By James Salisi His name was Islam Yaken, a young and educated man from a middle class family in Cairo, Egypt.  He had been dubbed as the “hipster jihadi”, a moniker people used to draw attention to the dissonance between his background and his path to extremist violence.  He was ...

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Obesity – A Ticking Bomb

by Haroon Bayani   In recent years several global conflicts have been escalated, resulting in tens of thousands being killed and several million having to flee from their homes. The civil war in Ukraine and the onslaught of Daesh in Syria are only fractions of all the conflicts in our world. While armed violence, war and terrorism have tremendous social ...

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Health Care and Refugees

An issue of rights and responsive policies by James Salisi   “Working with refugees changes your perspective about the challenges of health care and the priorities related to health policies,” said Jad Shedrawy, a first year student in the Master’s Programme in Public Health at Karolinska Institutet (KI). Before starting his studies at KI, Shedrawy worked as a field officer ...

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Swedish foreign aid.

Today’s role, challenges and future issues. Medicor has caught up with the Swedish ambassador for Global Health, Anders Nordström, to further discuss  the role of Sweden in global health and foreign aid. The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs comprises numerous international and experienced staff members; Anders Nordström is one of them. Graduating as a medical doctor from Karolinska Institute, he ...

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