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Global Focus

Summer Outside Sweden

Written by: Ronan McCabe As I write this, in the closing days of April, it feels like Sweden’s climate is playing a cruel game with us. The flux between sun and hope, and snow and despair, is seemingly endless. I take comfort in the small gradations of seasonal promise: the soon-to-blossom buds developing in the trees, the daffodils embracing their ...

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From Atop of the Toilet to the Base of the Pyramid

Yolanda Roa and Linda Moet present an interview conducted with social entrepreneur Jack Sim. At the age of 24, Jack Sim had already established himself as an emerging entrepreneur. But making money was not enough, Sim wanted to improve the world. Starting with his home country, Sim’s first initiative was to raise the sanitation standards of public restrooms in Singapore ...

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From the Nobel Prize to THE Nobel Prize

Every year in october the world turns to Sweden for Nobel Prize announcements but what made the nobel prize so prestigious?

On November 27th, 1895, Alfred Nobel signed his will, which would eventually give life to one of the most famous and important awards in history, setting the standard for other awards (e.g. Lasker Prize – the American Nobel, Shaw Foundation Award – the Asian Nobel Prize). But it did not begin this way, Nobel was rich but despised. So how ...

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The Glasgow Effect

From a global health perspective, this article gives insights into why the lowest life expectancy in Western Europe is seen in Glasgow.

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Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) – Our antibiotic abuse has consequences

The threat of antimicrobial resistance is increasing day by day and requires a determined action to combat the misuse and overuse of the drugs through collaboration between public and global health agencies and governments.

We cannot be heading back to a time where you could die from a cut, it feels absurd. But the truth is that it is fully possible. In fact, it is currently happening. The Neglected Global Crisis By Alexandra Edwards Henriksson Since the deadline for the Millennium Development Goals back in 2015, the United Nations (UN) has presented a new ...

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I give a Shit – World Toilet Day on 19th of November

26 09 2016 Foto de los caganers de Hillary Owama y Trump

The World Toilet Organization (yes, there is one)  wants you to count how many times a day you go to the bathroom. Feeling awkward? By Tatiana Alvarez Giovannucci Defecation is one of many naturally occurring physiological processes that despite being essential are tabooed from our early childhood. Our reluctance to talk openly about toilets and other private matters not only affects ...

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Global Mental Health

The convergence of a historic conflict would hopefully lead to developments By Ronan McCabe The cliché of globalisation has harkened to the dawn of a new age in Global Health. Once restricted to the area of infectious, or communicable, diseases other areas of affliction have since come to the fore. One of the most recent and underrepresented is that of ...

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Hans Rosling on Why We Should Care About Global Health

By Gustaf Drevin MY FIRST MEETING WITH PROFESSOR Hans Rosling included a nervous handshake and a stuttering “You are such a source of inspiration.” He answered by reflex: “Well, I hope someday I become a source of knowledge.” I walked away, silenced. Embarrassed. Ashamed even. I had become a groupie. He does not desire a rock-star status. He is a ...

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In the shadow of war

Life under occupation    By  Radek J. Góra Konstiantynivka is the last stop for all trains coming from Kiev. Likewise, it is an easternmost town under Ukrainian government control. Areas to the east from this settlement are run by the separatists, aiming for revival of Novorossiya – a historical land to the north of the Black Sea. Among the supporters of ...

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Conservation, Classrooms and Condoms

Why are conservation charities concerning themselves with contraceptives? By Emily Clark Facing global challenges of climate change, population growth, ongoing unsustainable resource use, and limited funding, sustainable development needs to be efficient and effective. With this in mind, environmental conservation organisations are implementing family planning projects, and charities traditionally known for their work in sexual and reproductive health are partnering ...

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