Karolina Wallenborg: “It’s especially rewarding to help researchers with their projects”

Karolina a facility manager in SciLifeLab was interviewed as part of Humans of KI series

Having completed a systems biology post-doc in the US, Seattle, Karolina appreciates the accepting working environment in Sweden. “I think here at KI everyone’s opinion matters. There is more hierarchy in the US, so if you are somewhere up on the ladder, your opinions matter more.” In addition, she admires seeing students and professors intermingling and having the possibility to ...

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“Except for my work, I have one big passion which is…”

Björn Kull, Head of KI Grants Office

As head of the Grants Office at KI, Björn is involved in the contact between researchers and funders. “The researcher usually wants money to conduct his or her research, but the funder wants something else. We are here to help so in the end, we get the results that were expected from both sides.” Next to this, Björn is also ...

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Humans of KI – a series of interviews celebrating our diversity

To highlight the Humans of KI, we will share the stories and glimpses of daily lives of people working or studying at the Karolinska Institute and University Hospital.

Have you ever walked around the campus of Karolinska Institute or at the Karolinska University Hospital and wondered what all of those people are doing there? We start a new series that we call "Humans of KI", where we will highlight the Humans of KI by sharing the stories and glimpses of daily lives of people working or studying at the Karolinska Institute and University Hospital. Follow the series here or on our website!

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Medicor 2017 Kick-off & Brainstorm

Medicor started the year full of energy, enthusiasm and creativity. Join us for our kick-off event and cross out another New Year resolution from your list! Fill in the registration form either below or by clicking here and prepare yourself for a fun kick-off to the new season. Don’t just think about it, come and tell your story!   Loading…

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Suicide: The untold truth

Story by Jennifer Lees “You don’t commit suicide, you die by suicide…”   He was a good student in high school. He played by the rules and didn’t get into too much trouble. The “average kid” – some might say. Like most of his friends, he went on to study at university and life seemed to be on track. He ...

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The Nobel Prize 2015 in Physiology or Medicine

By Sarolta Gabulya   The 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been jointly awarded to William C. Campbell and Satoshi Omura, “for their discoveries concerning a novel therapy against infections caused by roundworm parasites” and Youyou Tu, “for her discoveries concerning a novel therapy against Malaria” stated the announcement, a little after half past 11, at Nobel Forum, Karolinska ...

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The Nobel Prizes 2015

ECONOMICS By Nina Kirk   Angus Deaton, deserving winner of this year’s Nobel Prize in Economics, was born in Edinburgh, educated at Cambridge University and has been Professor of Economics and International Affairs at Princeton University since 1983. The broad topics on which he would base his lifework were first laid out in his 1980 paper, An Almost Ideal Demand ...

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Waiting in Line

The Issue of Organ Donation in Sweden and How to Tackle it Story by Oskar Swartling / Photos by Martin Kjellberg and Helena Wahlman   “It is very hard to describe the waiting”, Martha Ehlin says. “It is so incredibly difficult to be on the waiting list. I usually describe it as a living nightmare. There is so much uncertainty. ...

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