Green Essentials for Sustainable Memories

Backpacker on a train station

The idea of embarking on environmentally-friendly travels has become a trending goal as we become more consciously aware of sustainability. However, the practicalities of this goal, while still being able to enjoy our well-deserved vacation, are difficult to manage. Then how exactly should we travel in style and in comfort, but still minimize our carbon footprints that trek across the ...

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New to Sweden? – Tips on How to Fit in the Swedish Culture

Sweden in flag pattern

Upon leaving the aircraft, I knew it was the beginning of another new adventure. If you are an international student like me, who loves to travel the world and takes education partly as an excuse, then you know that the adrenaline rush of discovering another land is indescribable. The process of trying to resettle, readapt, familiarize and reconstruct life is ...

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A night out? Dig deeper

Nighttime concert

Berlin, London or Amsterdam are usually the go-to cities for a great night out. Is Stockholm on the list? Rarely, yet somewhat undeservedly so. When I first moved to Sweden and asked where to go for a night out, all roads led to Stureplan. (Un)fortunately, it did not take me long to realize that it could not give me the ...

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Graduation Traditions Around the Globe

Graduation traditions

From raw eggs and flour to tailor-made hats and rings You’ve done it, you’ve survived. After the copious amounts of caffeine-fuelled confusion, late night stress and maybe even exam hall terror, you have endured and you have now finally reached the bliss of graduation. The future looks bright and you are ready and enthusiastic to embark on the next adventure ...

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City Bikes: The good, the bad and the ugly

According to a Danish study, every kilometer you cycle, society gains around 2,1 kronor, but every kilometer you drive, it loses 1,5 kronor. I know. These numbers are quite abstract and probably do not resonate with you. So how about this; with every cyclist gained in a city, a subway or bus commuter is lost. If you have experienced and ...

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A short introduction to Swedish literature

It is said that the best way to get to know a country is to read its literature. Actually, that is not a saying yet, but it should be one! Because what can be more informative than what a nation’s finest have put in print? When asked what Swedish books they know, many people will probably only come up with ...

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Social media – keeping it real?

Social media – Keeping it real?

As the use of social media has become an inseparable part of our daily life and communication, let’s take a glance at our online habits. To describe my (and perhaps your) regular wake-up routine, it starts with a pilgrimage-like scroll through the holy trinity of social media – Facebook-Instagram-Twitter, followed by an international news site. Way before my morning coffee, ...

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Stockholm Burger Quest

Yemi Afolabi is a standup comic, a writer, a Hyper Island student, a gamer, but most importantly, he is a man who loves burgers. His talents for spotting a good burger were forged in the crucible of the New York burger scene when he was growing up, meaning when it comes to finding the perfect patty, he’s a tough man ...

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Along Came the AI

Bender, David, Marvin, Cylons, Chappie, Major, KITT. All these are characters that can elicit a sense of joy, hope, comfort but also caution. They also are all artificially intelligent. Story by: Sunjay Jude Fernandes As we move into an era of machines capable of learning from their surroundings, the assistance we receive makes us more accepting of their intelligence. But ...

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Podcast and Chill

As a researcher, a number of hours are dedicated to reading scientific journals. There are the cutting-edge papers you need go over to stay updated, the articles you must review, and of course your own thesis which you look through over and over until your brain shuts down. If you are a student, then there is the never-ending stream of ...

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