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Keep calm and brunch on

There are only two reasons to get out of bed on the weekend: Scheduled laundry & Brunch. Oh the glorious brunch, the young hipster’s favourite meal of the day. It is simultaneously the perfect cure for that ‘one rum coke too many’ hangover and a much needed push to start the dissertation writing day. Luckily for us, Stockholm has quite ...

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The justifiable procrastination guide

Dear fellow student, we know how hard it gets when you are overwhelmed with assignments, group work, lectures and laboratory reports. We know that you sometimes fall into the warm lands of procrastination and spend your time watching cat videos only to feel guilty afterwards. Worry no more! Medicor is here to guide you through a more satisfying, productive and ...

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Should you be working right now instead of reading this?

Dear Procrastinator. This is for you. Tick tock. Tick tock. Yes, your clock is ticking and once again you have lost 30 minutes of your precious final hours to a series of pointless cat videos. Your deadline is fast approaching and you are blaming yourself for starting so extremely late. You stress, you suffer, you hate your past you for ...

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Ways to Get Involved at KI

Committees and organizations – People in colors

As a new student at KI it can be difficult to meet new people, therefore getting involved with numerous committees and organizations at school could be very helpful. Furthermore it will enable you to get the most out of your experience at KI. There are two KI campuses, one in Solna and one in Huddinge. Most of Medicinska Föreningen’s activities ...

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Twin Studies: NASA breaks new ground for genetic research

For so many of us, the essence of happiness lies in the taste of a piece of good chocolate. However, my friend doesn’t much care for it. Could such almost criminal dislike of chocolate be explained by genetics? Indeed, scientists have been puzzled by the origin of complex human traits ranging from personal behavior to the occurrence of diseases since ...

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Sizzle: The science of sunburn

As the sunlight fades from our Swedish world very quickly, we take a look at the nature of our relationship with the sun, and the potential danger our Scandinavian sun worshipping habits may hold. As I sit here, a few weeks after my south-east Asian vacation, peeling skin like a strange snake lady, it’s an apt time to ponder the ...

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Green Essentials for Sustainable Memories

Backpacker on a train station

The idea of embarking on environmentally-friendly travels has become a trending goal as we become more consciously aware of sustainability. However, the practicalities of this goal, while still being able to enjoy our well-deserved vacation, are difficult to manage. Then how exactly should we travel in style and in comfort, but still minimize our carbon footprints that trek across the ...

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New to Sweden? – Tips on How to Fit in the Swedish Culture

Sweden in flag pattern

Upon leaving the aircraft, I knew it was the beginning of another new adventure. If you are an international student like me, who loves to travel the world and takes education partly as an excuse, then you know that the adrenaline rush of discovering another land is indescribable. The process of trying to resettle, readapt, familiarize and reconstruct life is ...

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