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Science Snippets

This issue’s round-up of science news By Joanna Kritikou   CANCEROUS PARASITES? In a recently published case report, a man plagued by HIV succumbed to tumors in his lungs and liver. This makes sense since HIV patients are severely immunocompromised. What was unusual, however, was that the cancer cells appeared smaller in size and turned out to be of non-human origin. The man was ...

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Bacterial Buddies: Are we afraid of the right things?

The power of the tiny little organisms that are inside and on you By Jessica de Loma Olson Concerned about that extra kilo that always haunts you, no matter how much you go to the gym? Now you can officially stop worrying. A person can have around 1 kilogram of microorganisms inside their bory. Eww, right? There is no reason ...

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A Library to Lift Up a Community

“A Fundraising Campaign for a Developing Community”   By Joana Dias / Photo Credits: ©PCE Foundation   Pearl Community Empowerment (PCE) Foundation is a non-governmental organization that aims to enhance knowledge and skills within rural communities in Uganda. This Foundation is relentlessly working in Amor Village in order to, among other projects, construct a Community Library and Meeting Hall, to be used ...

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Queerolinska and Kärleksakuten Lunch Lecture 21st March

By Lisen Båverud Olsson, vice president of Queerolinska Do you want to know more about LGBTQ-operations in Health Care? Queerolinska together with Kärleksakuten invite you to a Lunch lecture Monday 21st of March kl 12-13 at Torget, Solna University library. The lecture will be in Swedish. Lena Moegelin and Karl Norwald, from the Unit of Sexual Health at Södersjukhuset, will ...

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Having some problems? The ombudspersons are here to help you!

Medicinska Föreningen has two ombudspersons employed to help students and doctoral students that you can turn to for advice in any matter regarding problems or concerns about your education. We are both independent experts employed by Medicinska Föreningen to support you – all students of KI. By Nazira Hammoud Shahwan & John Håkansson   We, the student ombudsperson (SO) Nazira, and the doctoral ombudsperson (DO) ...

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Bullying at KI

Story by Parvin Kumar Interviewees: Anonymous   We spend a great deal of our time here on campus. For most of us, it is a very positive experience, whether it is for work or study. We find dignity and self-respect in what we do. In the process we build good, stable relationships with peers and supervisors alike. However in any place that seems ...

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CHaSE the way to your dream job the 11th of February at Aula Medica

The healthcare and life science sectors have been experiencing a rapid growth over the last years, thus offering multiple career options that require different levels of expertise. Students are not always aware of the career opportunities that may be available for them after graduation, and for this reason Karolinska Institutet works to fulfill their need by organizing seminars, courses and ...

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Climate Change threatens Asia’s Booming Cities

By James Salisi While global economic power is projected to shift to Asia in the next 35 years its megacities face the risk of climate change. Bangkok, Dhaka, Guan­gzhou, Ho Chi Minh City, Kolkata, Manila, Mumbai, Shanghai, and Yangon are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, according to the Asian Development Bank (ADB). These cities are located in ...

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