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A Controversial Journey to the Center of the Brain

by Nicolas Guyon It is an exciting time to be studying the brain. In the last one hundred years, we have acquired a deeper understanding of how its 100 billion neurons are born, grow, and connect. But as the discovery of DNA changed the larger field of biology, giving a physical structure to how building blocks of life are encrypted, ...

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Architecture’s Effect on Health

What Can Architecture Learn from Science? by Haroon Bayani   These days in most Stockholm suburbs one can find blocks after blocks of grey buildings surrounded by a few trees and a lot of concrete. These buildings are simplistic, with their plain grey colour melting into the environment on cloudy days. The windows of these buildings are rather miniscule and ...

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Swedish foreign aid.

Today’s role, challenges and future issues. Medicor has caught up with the Swedish ambassador for Global Health, Anders Nordström, to further discuss  the role of Sweden in global health and foreign aid. The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs comprises numerous international and experienced staff members; Anders Nordström is one of them. Graduating as a medical doctor from Karolinska Institute, he ...

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The Ebola Epidemic in West Africa

Facts, numbers, present challenges and predictions. In which direction is the Ebola epidemic going? Text: Iskra Pollak Dorocic & Sergio Scro Petualang  Infographics: Jakub Lewicki   It’s impossible to not have heard of the ongoing and unprecedented Ebola epidemic in West Africa, with its steady escalation and horrifyingly high death count over the past six months. Every day there are ...

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A Space Odyssey

”And then you look at the Earth when you have a moment. That usually takes up a lot of the free time.” Christer Fuglesang, docent in particle physics and Sweden’s first astronaut, describes his time in space as an amazing experience, especially the view over Earth. He continues: “The weightlessness and the spacewalks were also really special.” After two space ...

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Photographing Hans Rosling – behind the scenes

Medicor Creative Director Jingcheng Zhao has written about how you get somebody like Hans Rosling to end up on the cover of your re-launched student magazine. Medicor now presents the blog post at our blog, enjoy!  *** Photographing Hans Rosling – behind the scenes In the very beginning, way before Gustaf or I even got involved with Medicor, we had dreamed up ...

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