The team behind Medicor

Editorial Board of 2018

Zach Chia – Global Focus Editor

Zach is the Global Focus Editor at Medicor. He traded in hot and rainy Singapore for cold and rainy Stockholm in 2016, over the vain hope of seeing a White Christmas, but he likes Stockholm enough to give tours of his adopted city. When not sleeping, eating, travelling and blogging Zach can be found in the lab studying the circuits of the brain in the (hopefully not vain) hope of getting a PhD. Has he mentioned that he’s a nerd who is writing about himself in the third person? Well, yea… he is.

Varsha Prakash – Science Editor

My journey from warm and colourful India to the freezing and friendly country of Sweden happened in pursuit of one thing – science. After my bachelors in Biotechnology Engineering, I went on to do a Masters in molecular biology and human genetics. I took on a hectic schedule by twinning it with an MBA programme, which inculcated a lot of time management and priority setting skills in me.  My generally curious nature and an inner calling to stay in Science led me to the international program in molecular genomics, transcriptomics and bioinformatics in cancer at the Medical University of Warsaw, Poland where I worked on breast cancer and circulatory tumour cells. This paved way for my PhD at Karolinska Institutet where I now work with breast cancer and metastasis. When I am not doing science or reading about it, you can usually see me with my nose buried in a book, with history and anthropology being my personal favourites. I also spend a good chunk of time reading about alien conspiracy theories. As a compulsive reader, I believe that anything that is written well is a boon to the society and that’s why I am here. Come, let’s write our way to scientific cognizance together!

Lauren Lyne – Campus Editor

Paula Valente-Silva – Culture Editor

Isabelle Wemar – Associate Editor

In a nutshell: Medicine Student, TreeHugger and Malmöit. When I’m not blogging for Karolinska Institutet or contributing to Medicor, I enjoy photography, eating vegan and using public transportation. You can find me bouncing around KI Campus Solna, looking for the latest and greatest stories to tell – I’m all ears.

Joanne Bakker – Editor-in-Chief

Originally from the north of the Netherlands, I studied neuroscience in Groningen. Ready to broaden my scientific horizon, I seized the opportunity to do a research internship in Vienna. Little did I know that this would lead me even further up north than where I came from, to beautiful Stockholm. By studying neuropeptides during my PhD at Karolinska Institutet, I aim to add a piece of knowledge to the amazing puzzle that is the brain.

I have always loved reading and writing – growing up, I wanted to be an author of children’s books – so getting involved in the Medicor magazine was only logical. As a former editor of culture and current associate editor, I enjoy collaborating with students from every nook and cranny of the KI campus and helping them share their stories. I also love reading books, biking and drinking tea.

Online team of 2018

Theresa Mader – Facebook and LinkedIn manager

Moosa Awadah – Web editor

Chaitra Srinivas – Instagram and Twitter manager