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The team behind Medicor

The Editorial Board of Medicor

Editor-in-Chief: Isabelle Wemar

In a nutshell: Medicince student, Tree-Hugger and Malmöit. When I’m not blogging for Karolinska Institutet or contributing to Medicor, I enjoy photography, eating vegan and using public transportation. You can find me bouncing around KI Campus Solna or Södersjukhuset, looking for the latest and greatest stories to tell – I’m all ears.

Associate Editor: Paula Valente da Silva

Originally from Portugal, but have lived in Sweden long enough to become a little “Swede-ified” (minus the actual Swedish, impossible language!). Currently pursuing a PhD degree in Exercise Physiology at Karolinska Institutet; when I am not in the lab you will most likely find me “practicing what I preach” at the gym, or trying out the latest sport I suddenly became obsessed with!

Reading and writing have always been a passion of mine – and I say it proudly: I have read “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” in less than 24 hours. Maybe age is catching up to me and now I lack the stamina, but not the passion. I am eager to read your story ☺

Campus Editor: Lauren Lyne

Medical student with a soft spot for putting pen on paper. I also consider myself an aquanaut aspiring to be an eco-nut and I’m sketchy only in the sense that what I draw might not resemble reality. I’ve heard that I tend to fly rather than walk but I promise that I’ll always stop to listen to your latest scoop.

Culture Editor: Yolanda Rao

Chinese-Canadian pursuing a master’s degree in the Biomedicine Program at KI. Aspiring to become a geriatrician and conduct research in Alzheimer’s disease, while continuing to indulge in music, hiking, and the culinary arts.

Science Editor: Patrik Bjärterot

Studying the master’s program in Molecular Techniques in Life Science, I am interested in all science in general, and cancer genetics in particular. When you don’t find me at campus or in the lab, I am most likely watching hockey or soccer. I am very excited to hear your stories!

Global Focus Editor: Millie Cepelak

A language loving Brit studying Speech Therapy. When I’m not huddled over a book somewhere on campus, you can find me furiously defending my high score on Duolingo (c’est vrai, je suis un géni) and reluctantly training for “fun runs” that other people sign me up for. I can’t wait to read your story!

Layout Designer

You will be responsible from the layout design of the paper magazine, often contributing with your creative ideas, resources and drive. There will be people teaching you the ropes, but any experience with Adobe InDesign or Illustrator will be very helpful for you to get started fast and use your creative juices for Medicor.

Enticed? Email your CV and a short personal letter to [email protected]

Graphic Designer

A good image says more than a thousand words. Your job will be to create images and graphics for the magazine and website, helping Medicor present the best original content on all platforms. You will both have the opportunity to collaborate with writers, editors and photographers and work independently. Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator or similar is recommended.

Enticed? Email your CV and a short personal letter to [email protected]

The Online Team of 2018

Facebook and LinkedIn Manager: Theresa Mader

Pursuing Science I moved from Germany to beautiful Sweden some years ago. Now, as a PhD student, I am very closely bound to Karolinska Institutet and its Solna campus. At times were i don’t try to unveil the mysteries of human diseases, you find me one hand buried in planting soil and with the other eating a cupcake. I also love meeting new people and sharing good stories. For me this is just extended in social media which allows us to communicate different interests across borders.

Web Editor: Moosa Awadah (until December 2018)

Moosa Awadah has been Medicor’s web editor since spring 2018, but he will be leaving this winter. If you are interested in taking over this position – send us an email!

Instagram and Twitter Manager: Chaitra Srinivas

I am a Doctor of Pharmacy graduate from India, who is now pursuing MPH-Epi (Master’s in Public Health Sciences – Epidemiology) at Karolinska Institutet. Before setting my feet in Sweden, I have experience working with a multinational pharmaceutical company as a safety associate and a clinical pharmacist at two hospitals in India. Also, I have recently worked as a content writer for a non-profit organization based out of Berlin.

On the personal front, I occasionally escape into an artsy oblivion with a brush and a canvas by indulging myself in colours! My professional exposure has oft emphasized the importance of social media in today’s fast-paced world.

Each day, we are hit with an information overload, avalanching over us. With more news to digest than we truly can, social media handlers have a responsibility to carefully craft and communicate their views/news. Therefore, with the objective of having to rightly captivate the interests of the audiences, I’ve been assigned the task of being one of the social media managers for Medicor MF.

Social Manager: Irina Polishchuk

A Biomedicine student born in the Russian Far East and raised in Finland. Reading, writing and languages in general have always been a huge passion of mine. When there is a spare minute, I like to take a pen and write down what is currently on my mind. Apart from being fascinated by and learning more about science every day, I enjoy meeting people and discovering new places around Stockholm. Cooking international food, travelling, acrobatics and painting are also hobbies very close to my heart. I am looking forward to organizing many interesting and informative events to expand the Medicor community.

Website Designer: Vacant

Help Medicor move towards the digital age and improve the foundations of our website. Previous experience with website building/maintenance is required.

Other Contributions

No time for a more extensive commitment but still interested in contributing? We are always looking for writers, photographers, proofreaders and story suggestions. No previous experience required! Join our Facebook group “Medicor Contributors”, reach out to us on any of our digital platforms, send an email or grab any member of the team in person.