The justifiable procrastination guide

Dear fellow student, we know how hard it gets when you are overwhelmed with assignments, group work, lectures and laboratory reports. We know that you sometimes fall into the warm lands of procrastination and spend your time watching cat videos only to feel guilty afterwards. Worry no more! Medicor is here to guide you through a more satisfying, productive and refreshing procrastination. We call it The Justifiable Procrastination Guide.


If you want to hold on to the “learning something” feeling, we got you covered. is a free learning platform for everyone. You can go through health and medicine or biology to refresh your knowledge before exams or try to figure out how housing and mortgages work as an investment for the future. The learning style is a mixture of listening to podcasts and watching infographic YouTube videos. The narrator doesn’t just bombard you with information but visually guides you over the maps, bullet points, drawings and timelines if necessary.

In a similar way but covering different topics, could be your new best friend to feel productive while procrastinating. Using your KI login, KI Library gives you the privilege of having free access to more than 1,500 courses with topics ranging from photography to marketing. You can either watch a single video on how to edit images or complete an entire course.  


What about brushing up or showing off the cultural knowledge you accumulated throughout your life? In the land of ABBA and Ingmar Bergman, there is no shortage of movie and music trivia nights. Every Thursday is Wirström’s trivia night held in English. “The Three Amigos General Knowledge Quiz” and “Film and Music Quiz”  alternate weekly. Plus, they have free entrance, which is always great for a student budget. Bar Brooklyn at Debaser Strand also holds Film and Music Quiz nights with free entrance. The quiz nights are in Swedish and come with quite tempting prizes for the winners, such as a 500 SEK voucher for concerts at Debaser, DVDs or movie tickets. The questions in the film quiz might come in the form of video clips, soundtracks or voice recordings, which make them charming puzzles to solve. Tip: Go there with your friends and form a team of 4 to have a great competition and fun vibe.


To let off some steam and give yourself to the rhythm, you might resort to Stockholm’s music scene offering a variety of genres. If you are an indie lover, book your ticket to the Local Natives concert on the 19th of November or The Temper Trap on December 9th in Debaser Medis. Although at this moment the tickets are not on sale, watch out for The Head and The Heart who announced a concert on January 15th in the Södra Teatern.   

A guilt-free visit to Debaser Strand (for free) will enrich your cross-cultural fusion music ear as DJ Cabezóns Tropical Psych will be playing Latin American and African 60s-70s tunes on November 26th.


You might prefer letting some experience and knowledge diffuse into your brain through a museum exhibition. Surely you will leave the Nobel Museum with a lot more wisdom than when you walked in after seeing the “Experiment – Ideas, Tools and Nobel Prizes” exhibition. It aims to push you towards thinking about experimentation as a vital instrument that changes how we look at the world and allows us to seek answers to questions.  Among many other Nobel Prize-winning experiments, Marie Curie’s radioactivity measurements and May-Britt Moser’s rats will be there to inspire you. Here is a reminder for the free admission Tuesdays 5 pm to 8 pm, otherwise the student ticket is 70 SEK. •

Written by: Yildiz Kelahmetoglu • Proofread by: Ben Libberton
This article was previously published in: Medicor 2016 #3


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